GTE Federal Credit Union

GTE Federal Credit Union

GTE Federal Credit Union
What is the GTE Federal Credit Union?

• The GTE Federal Credit Union is a member-owned and operated credit union located in Tampa Bay, Florida. Founded in 1935, in the midst of the Great Depression, the GTE Federal Credit Union, with over $1.5 billion in assets, presently stands as one of the country’s largest locally owned and operated financial institutions. 
• The GTE Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative; the organization only makes decisions and institutes business models for the benefit of its member-owners. Each individual member of the GTE Federal Credit Union has a stake or ownership share in the cooperative. Any monies earned by the GTE Federal Credit Union are returned to its members in the form of dividends or diminished interest states. 
• All funds deposited at the GTE Federal Credit Union are protected by the National Credit Union Insurance Fund. As a result of this coverage, not one member of the GTE Federal Credit Union, in its nearly 80 years of operation, has lost a single penny of insured savings. 
• In addition to providing financial services--such as low-interest loans, access to checking and savings account, mortgages, credit cards and online banking services--for its members, the GTE Federal Credit Union bolsters the surrounding communities through the funding and establishment of charitable organizations and agencies.  

How do I join the GTE Federal Credit Union?
• There are four ways to obtain membership to the GTE Federal Credit Union: membership through family members, free employee benefits, zip code eligibility and sponsored educational membership offerings.
• To receive a GTEA Financial Credit Union membership through a family member you must be a relative of a current GTE Financial Credit Union Member. Only spouses, children, parents, brothers/sisters, step-parents, step-children, grandchildren and grandparents will qualify to receive a GTE Federal Credit Union membership through family. 
• Free Employee Benefit memberships to the GTE Federal Credit Union may obtain if you work for a company that offers access to the cooperative. For a list of qualifying employers visit the following web address: and click on “community partner” under the “Free Employee Benefit” section.  
• Zip code eligibility refers to anyone who lives, works, attends school or worships in the following locations:
o The city of Tampa Bay, Florida
o The following zip codes in Hillsborough County: 33602, 33603, 33604, 33605, 33606, 33607, 33609, 33610 and 33619.
• The last category of eligibility for membership in the GTE Federal Credit Union is offered as a sponsorship; the GTE Federal Credit Union will extend membership offerings to members of the cooperative’s non-profit educational club. 




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