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When you are planning for the future, or just trying to eliminate unnecessary expenses, it is important to start and manage a budget.  A great tool for doing so is to use budgeting software.  Budgeting software comes in all shapes and sizes.  There are many free online budgeting software applications that an individual, family, or business can use through the internet in helping to formulate a budget.  
Exceptional free budgeting software such as Quicken Online can help you develop a budget and maintain your finances and even directly input your bank account and credit card information automatically.  Quicken Online will also let you view this data including your expenses, income, investments and retirement data through the use of charts and graphs.
When you have complex financial information coming in you may want to opt for budgeting software that does a little more.  Quicken offers a number of budgeting software choices that are specifically tailored to what your needs are.  The price ranges for budgeting software can vary from $50 to $200 for individuals with higher needs.
Quicken offers a number of products including Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Premier, Quicken Home & Business, and Quicken Rental Property Manager.  
Quicken Deluxe is the basic budgeting software offered by Quicken and allows the consumer to track assets in bank accounts, credit cards, investment and retirement accounts at once.  The program will automatically update information from those accounts for easy access so that you do not have to go searching through all of your accounts to find out the status of your income and investments.  Quicken Deluxe will also help you to categorize your financial transactions and reduce your debt over time.
More complex and expensive, budgeting software includes Quicken Home & Business.  This program has all the advantages of Quicken Deluxe and Quicken Premier but also compiles and categorizes data relating to both personal and financial finances.  The Home & Business budgeting software will also find tax deductible business expenses by looking through your financial data.  In addition, the budgeting software will create cash flow and profit/loss reports and charts to help you manage your business and assets.
Budgeting software is a vital tool in today’s complex society.  The amount of bills, expenses, and income that a person, and especially a business, deals with on a monthly basis can be overwhelming.  Budgeting software can save you time and accurately report your finances to help you save money and eliminate unnecessary expenses.  The cost of budgeting software may add up to $200 or more but it is often the case that the use of budgeting software will help you save more than that in a short period of time.