History of Bonds At A Glance

History of the United States’ Bond Market:The history of bonds in the United States consists of multiple periods of issuance. The predominant bond markets in the United States are issued
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Easy Guide to Investment Bonds

What are Investment Bonds?Investment bonds are debt instruments issued by a government agency, a municipality, or a company to finance a specific aspect of its operation. When an individual invests
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Bond Prices Explained

How is a Bond Valued?Bond prices are determined through a stringent valuation process to calculate the “fair price” of a bond. As is common with any capital investment or security,
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Coupons: What you must know

What are Coupons in regards to Finance?• In finance, a coupon refers to the rate of payment offered by a bond; it is the interest paid per year expressed as a
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Fixed Income: A Brief Guide

What does Fixed Income mean?• Fixed income refers to any type of investment security which is not equity and that obligates the issuer to make periodic or fixed payments to the
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