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National Finance CenterWhat is the National Finance Center?

The National Finance Center is an agency of the United States Federal Government that aims to provide human resources, along with administrative and financial services to the coordinating departments and sub departments of the government. The center is responsible for organizing and delivering numerous administrative roles for coordinating agencies as they pertain to such matters as health insurance, payroll, and various human resources needs.The National Finance Center was established in 1973 and is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. 
In essence, the National Finance Center acts as a middle-man to expedite the functions of a government department. Through the implementation of technology and administrative services, the National Finance Center offers coordinating government agencies the ability to carry-out human resource’s functions and administrative roles necessary to maintain the stability of the department.
The National Finance Center maintains a customer base that is currently composed of over 130 federal organizations or departments, representing all three branches of the federal government.
The National Finance Center is the singular Shared Service Center provider positioned under the Office of Personnel management and the Human Resources Line of Business initiative. The National Finance Center’s human resources department is delivered as an organized system suite which supports a governmental agency’s services aligned with payroll and personnel action processing.
Additionally, the human resource system streamlines the recruitment and classification process of a government department. In essence, the National Finance Center offers the various subdivisions of government with an organized system to help maintain the body’s stability. The National Finance Center achieves such a goal through the implementation of efficient administrative and financial services to better organize and carry-out payroll as well find candidates who best fit the body’s job description.

What does the National Finance Center Provide?
As stated before, the National Finance Center operates as a liaison between 130 federal departments and their ability to carry-out various administrative and human resource-related functions. The National Finance Center provides this service through the implementation of a well-organized financial system that will deliver an efficient method to find and subsequently compensate employees. The primary functions or roles the National Finance Center include the following:
o    The National Finance Center operates a highly-developed an integrated payroll/personnel system. This system is then transferred to the coordinating government departments who use the system to carry-out their various administrative needs.
o    The National Finance Center also maintains and operates the Centralized Enrollment Clearinghouse System for the Office of Personnel Management. The Centralized Enrollment Clearinghouse System reconciles records between the federal payroll office and the various Federal Employee Health Benefits providers.
o    The National Finance Center maintains and operates the Direct Premium Remittance System, which is the primary method used for billing and collecting health insurance premiums of participating government bodies.