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Frugal Living

Helpful Tips for Frugal Living

Frugal living may sometimes seem like a pain, but getting into the habit of saving money can add up quickly. The saved money can be invested, help pay off debt, or just be saved. To start off a new life of frugal living, here are some helpful hints to get into the swing of it.
Frugal Living and Transportation
Buy a used car instead of new.
Just use one car.
• Buy a used car with a low price, low depreciation, and low expenses.
Carpool or take public transportation.
Try to walk or bike when possible.
Consider train travel instead of air travel.
Shop around when renting a car.
Find cheaper accommodations when traveling.
Find positions that will allow you to telecommute.
Frugal Living and Houses
Buy a smaller home and live within your means.
Rent instead of owning a home if the cost of buying is too much. Money can be saved while renting which can be invested later.
Find good contractors who provide fixed-price bids for house repairs.
Make sure to understand all fees and payment involved in a home before agreeing to them.

Frugal Living and Food
Purchase sale items at the store.
Buy basic ingredients rather than ready-made or pre-packaged items.
Compare unit prices of similar products.
Eat out less. Packing lunch and snacks is a good alternative.
Join a food co-op.
If eating out, look for discounts or specials in advance.
Eat sweets or drink alcohol in moderation.
Instead of drinking juices, teas, or sodas, drink water instead.
Cook food ahead.
Eat less meat.
Frugal Living and Clothes

Try to have a more minimalist wardrobe with pieces that go match well.
Avoid being in situations where window browsing can happen.
Stop impulse shopping.
Only purchase bargain clothing, and only do it when it is necessary.
Look for any online coupons or promotions that may be available.
Frugal Living and Entertainment
Get rid of cable.
Use a library card and borrow books and movies.
Look up free entertainment, for example, days of free admission to a museum.
Use coupon sites to take advantage of special deals for various activities.

Other Tips for Frugal Living
Cut off a cell phone line.
Save energy and gas to have lower monthly bills.
Learn to trim or cut your own hair.
Wash clothes less frequently and let them air dry.
Make an attempt to stay healthy as a preventative measure.
Purchase generic prescriptions whenever possible.