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Fidelity Investments: A Brief Summary

Fidelity Investments: A Brief Summary

Fidelity Investments Explained:

• Fidelity Investments is one of the largest mutual fund and financial services institution in the world. Fidelity Investments manages a large family of mutual funds, investment advice services, as well as, provides distribution services to both institutional and private investors. Additionally, Fidelity Investments acts as a discount brokerage service, retirement service, wealth management agency, life insurance providers and securities execution and clearance house.
Fidelity Investments Research Division:

• Fidelity is a privately held and managed company that was originally founded by Edward Johnson in 1946. The company is a fully-functioning investment institution that operates in a conjunctive fashion; Fidelity Management & Research Company, the investment management division of Fidelity Investments, acts as the primary investment adviser for the company’s family of mutual funds. 
• The Fidelity Management & Research Company operates with three divisions: the Equity branch, located in Boston, the High-Income department, also located in Boston and a Fixed-Income branch, located in Merrimack, New Hampshire. The company’s numerous subsidiaries service as transfer agents and distributors for the entire Fidelity Investments mutual fund family. 
• The Fidelity Management & Research Company serves more than 20 million investors through a number of institutional and individual accounts. With more than 500 different mutual funds, the company operates with roughly $3.4 trillion in assets. 
Fidelity Investments’ Mutual Funds:

• Fidelity Investment’s largest equity mutual fund is Contrafund, which currently has over $70 billion in assets, making it the largest single-manager mutual fund in the United States. 
• Magellan fund is another large, primarily equity-based, mutual fund offered by Fidelity Investments. The Magellan fund, which used to be the world’s largest mutual fund, is managed by Harry Lange. 
Other services offered by Fidelity Investments:
• Through its subsidiaries, Fidelity Investments, offers a number of services to its corresponding broker-dealers, institutional investors and registered investment advisors, including a number of brokerage clearing firms, back office support and software companies. 
• In addition to its brokerage and mutual fund programs, Fidelity Investments also maintains a strong presence in the outsourcing and Human Resources business. More specifically, Fidelity Personal, Workplace and Institutional Services is the premiere provider of 401(k) retirement plan services in the United States. The Fidelity Personal, Workplace and Institutional Services administers nearly $1 trillion it defined contribution assets to workers in the nation. 
• Other services offered by Fidelity Investments includes: pension administration, payroll, HR record-keeping services and health & welfare administration.